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Nairobi - Tel: +254 (020) 3873742 / 3873510 / 3871760


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1. Who is Navcom Communications Ltd?

Navcom Ltd is one of the fastest-growing HF/VHF Communications companies in Kenya.  We partner with various communications equipment suppliers to offer our services to our customers and the end users.

2. Which products do you sell?

Codan HF radios, Motorola HF/VHF radios, Barret HF/VHF radios, VSAT, CCTV surveillance solutions, Solar Power Packages, DMAX Searchlights, Thuraya Satellite Phones, Inmarsat Satellite Phones and UPS(s)

3. Do you also do installation?

Yes. Navcom has a qualified team of engineers that provide installation services for all our products.

4. Does Navcom provide warranty support for its products?

Yes, 3 yrs for HF and 2 years for VHF. The other products as per manufacturers’ recommended warranties.

5. Do you still provide support for the phased out Codan NGT VR Radio?

Yes, Navcom still provides in-house support, guaranteed spare parts and in-house training.

6. Does Navcom provide support contracts?

Yes, there is a contract/agreement in place provided by Navcom Ltd to be signed by both parties before engineer(s)/technician(s) are deployed to the field for support.

7. What is the turnaround time for technician to be on-site?

Turnaround time for a technician to be on-site for trouble shooting support request is 24 hours, unless an emergency arises.  Turnaround time for a technician to be on-site for installations will be on the installation date given, unless an emergency arises.

8. For what duration will the technician be on-site?

It depends on the customer’s requirement and scope of work.

9. Will a technician do additional work not on their work order?

Technician(s) will not do additional work not specified on the work order, as this is an additional cost.  The technician(s) will raise a quotation to the customer who in turn should raise an LPO or make payment to facilitate for the work to proceed.

10. What are your terms of payment?

30 days for the clients qualified for credit facilities. Otherwise payment is cash with order.

11. How do I qualify to obtain a credit facility with Navcom?

Submit a formal application to Navcom for review and verification. Email: and

12. Where can I make inquiries for Navcom’s products and services?

Enquiries can be made via the email contacts on our website plus you can visit our offices in Nairobi – Kenya and Juba – South Sudan.

Customer’s requests can be submitted via the following options:

Email to:

Fax No.    +254 (020) 3871677

Mail to:    P.O. Box 30782 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya