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Codan Radio Dealers

The Codan Envoy smart radio series are the most intuitive, reliable and advanced radios ever built. Envoy’s clear and dependable High Frequency (HF) voice and data communications means you have the confidence to communicate anywhere and anytime without the need for existing infrastructure.

Envoy Specifications:

  • Software-defined Architecture,
  • Ethernet and USB connectivity,
  • A large high-resolution colour display and
  • Multi-lingual user interface it’s easy to see why Envoy™ is the future of HF radio. French English
  • A true digital radio, Envoy™ offers scalable solutions for mobile, deployed and base station requirements.
  • The Codan Envoy™ is now the most advanced commercial HF radio in the world and sets a new standard for HF radio.

Codan’s NGT™ SRx is the ideal solution to your modern HF needs and can be deployed in base, mobile or portable configurations – all this in a single cost effective unit. With a General Purpose Interface Port (GPIO) you can connect countless devices such as crosspatch, telephone interconnect, or additional modems to name a few. company directory The NGT™ SRx is easy to use with an innovative, mobile phone-like handset and one-button shortcuts. Plus with Codan’s Easitalk™, you’re sure to enjoy clear communications.