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Nairobi - Tel: +254 (020) 3873742 / 3873510 / 3871760


+254 (0) 722 267524


+254 (020) 3871677


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+211 (0955) 066395 / +211 (0955) 977 249812

Our Profile

There are two main activities that take place:
-The installation and commissioning of the equipment
-The training on the use and maintenances of it.
– Savings in telephone expense. The big benefit of free to air HF Radio means that the data system will enable equipped station to divert traffic from telephone lines, which for places far from headquarters attract a high charge rate.
-HF radio communications is “free to air”; having no recurring usage charges once the communications network has been installed.
-HF radio networks are capable of providing voice, email, data, fax, and tracking solutions for fixed radio base station, mobile and Manpack portable radio applications over thousands of kilometers.

Our products are well known for their quality, reliability, simple intuitive operation and competitive pricing.
-A global distribution and customer support network provides easy access and backup for our customer base.

For over 35 years Navcom has provided HF & VHF radio communications solutions for global government, business, humanitarian agencies and AID organizations.